The Beard

According to Wikipedia a beard “is the hair that grows on a human’s chin, cheeks, neck, and the area above the upper lip (the opposite is a clean-shaven face).” Link.

A Beard to RememberOf course, for me it’s the “lack” of hair that grows their.

I’ve always wanted to see how well my beard will fill in. There are a lot of things to consider when growing your beard out. Like, will it be as cool as the beards the band members in ZZ Top sport or will it just be a sparse long beard that looks like the Chinese wisemen you see in Karate or Kungfu movies?

Christopher Johnson McCandless

When I think of a beard, I usually think of kings or supertramps… I prefer to think of myself as a supertramp. Less responsibility and more freedom to explore different lands without having to conquer them and make them your midevil bitches for your cool new kingdom.

I started this beard on 4/15/08. I’ll keep in touch about progress. In the mean time, here is a great site about beards.


2 responses to “The Beard

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  2. Sister Starr

    You’re funny! Hang in there I’m sure it will adventually grow in. I like the scruffy look, beards are over rated. Of coarse, beard or no beard you look “HOT”. :o)

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