Harley RT: Day 1

Harley RT: Day 1

The morning started with Harley Dan installing some “staggered special” exhaust pipes on the Sportster 1200. The reverberating sound of the power rushing through the exhaust was like a sweet symphony… but minus the violin with extra trombone.

The dudes abide by the laws so we went to the DMV to get my motorcycle permit. After about two hours and a passing grade, we hit the road. I’m not sure how many of you have road a bike before, but let me tell you… it’s everything and more you think it would be.

We took HWY 97 out of Yakima toward Goldendale and then followed HWY 14 along the Columbia River (Washington/Oregon border) toward Portland. The sun was out, the leaves were green and we were loving life.

We then bypassed Portland via I-205, connected with I-5 South to HWY 22 where the real ride began. If you ever have a chance to take HWY 22… do it. Follow it West then hit HWY 223 South to HWY 20 West toward Newport, OR. We pass through Valley of the Kings, a town befitting of its name. At one point, we were surrounded by cliffs and forests on both sides, a valley in front of us and the sun peaking through the clouds touching us with a few more of its warm rays.

The only close call of the day was a lady in a white sedan that almost took me on on a corner. But, no harm, no foul. All-in-all, a great first day that ended with a campfire and a beer.

To life, cheers!


One response to “Harley RT: Day 1

  1. Sister Starr

    Gregory you really should of been a writer, you still could for that matter. Your first book could be titled “Greg and Dans Excellent adventures” LOL …. Terri and I talked about taking my Mustang out on a road trip, “Thelma and Louise” minus driving the car off into the canyon and pretty much everything else they did in the movie LOL….you get the picture, anyways. I know theres nothing better than the wind in your face without a care in the world, surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature. Love you guys!

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