Harley RT: Day 2 – A Giant Success

We road almost 500 miles today and my tailbone is aching! Of course, the bike is hurting a little bit too… I dumped it trying to make a turn while backing it up on a tight corner. Oops, my bad! The only thing dinged up was my pride. And of course, Daniel was quick to point out that he has never tipped his bike over. I congratulated him.

Our day was spent rolling down HWY 101 and it was nothing less than spectacular. Every we turned a corner, there was a little picturesque surprise waiting for us. I’ve been in the flatlands of Chicago for the last few years so seeing the best that the Pacific Northwest has to offer was very refreshing.

The sun cooperated again today and even though the damp cool air was pounding against my jacket, I had a smile from ear to ear.

The terrain turned from damp and cool to warm and dry the minute we entered California. One of the first detours we took was to drive the Avenue of the Giants, a scenic byway that meanders through the Redwood Forest. These trees are absolutely huge. I’ll try to get some pictures up tomorrow. Link.

The above photo of the Chandelier Tree, a Redwood giant, climbs 315 ft and boasts a diameter of 21ft.

We logged a lot of miles today so we treated ourselves to a Holiday Express. It feels good to be clean. The dirt and grim from our bodies clogged the shower drain… very gross.

Tomorrow, we plan on meeting up with our nephew T.C. in Sacramento, BBQ’n, and resting up before heading down to the L.A. area for a few days.


3 responses to “Harley RT: Day 2 – A Giant Success

  1. Enjoy the trip! My friends tell bike trip stories and I get jealous…at least I can shred an axe. Just finished writing a tune (on Facebook page) that I had a bit of a go with back during “No Shoes Blues” sessions. It’s an angry, gritty song – now I’ll scrape my knees over pavement.

  2. Dude you’re nuts! Be safe and have fun… rock on. (stop by some time when you are back to meet my little one…) 🙂

  3. Sister Starr

    Okay…. dumping your bike? Not sure if thats what I meant by being “safe”. Daniel you better be taking care of our baby brother! Don’t let him drink whiskey in the mountains, to where the cougars and the bears come and get him. :o) Awee……the Redwoods, been there a few times, beautiful country! ENJOY!

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