Learning to Breathe

Sometimes I wonder if life gets too bottled up with well, life… so much so that we forget to stop and “just breathe.”

Learning to Breathe

Having time on the road has allowed me to do just that.

While the first few days were absolutely amazing with Mother Nature’s best eye candy on display, most of my attention was focused on the different learning aspects of the bike. From leaning into turns to downshifting, the bike gobbled up most of my time.

With a few days on the bike, I’m starting to feel a bit more comfortable with all the details and have been able to relax and enjoy myself.

My “ah ha” moment came after we left Ukaia and were in route to Sacramento via HWY 20, which rolls through several small towns and the gigantic Upper Lake.

We left bright and early and as we were coming down off the first ridge, there it was… the early dawn light, rays falling through the dewy mist and the light sparkling off the lake. It was, by far, the most awe-inspiring sight I’ve seen in a long time.

Life lesson learned: When life is getting a bit crazy… just breathe.

Here are Daniel’s top two road trip songs that allow him to breathe:
Whitesnake – Here I Go Again
Bob Seger – Roll Me Away 

What’s your favorite road trip moment or road trip song?

Also, here’s a slideshow of a few of our pictures.


6 responses to “Learning to Breathe

  1. Nice vid. Greg. How’s that bottom end holding up? Now that your in California you really got to watch the other guy. Lots more traffic.

    Ride On


  2. Sister Starr

    Breathing……yes…. it is what I think we all forget to do. Take long deep breaths and enjoy! Uncle Charlie is right, those “people” down there drive CRAZY! Be careful! Love you!

  3. One minute I’m changing you’re diapers the next I’m reading in awe the men you have become!! This is Family-Oscar worthy stuff!! I have a huge lump in my throat…I’m just so happy for you both that you get to have this experience. To be able to just….. breathe.. luv your sis. P.S. love love love the video.

  4. My best road trip(s)… with Eric. Especially to Utah. Absolutely magical. Can’t wait to go in ’09 again. Music? There’s just got to be lots of it…doesn’t matter … just some good rock. There ain’t nothin’ better on a road trip than: good scenery, good wine, good music, and your best friend with you.

  5. P.S. TC sent me a pic of a bike he wants now… THANKS ALOT GUYS!!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing the pics! Enjoy your road trip! Can’t wait to hear the stories and please be SAFE and have fun!!

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