Harley RT: Sac-Town, the Bay Area and Back Down

After making it to Sac-town, we (our behinds) needed some rest from the long haul.Dudes at Sacramento River

So naturally, T.C. (our nephew who is now taller than me) had made plans for us to hangout at the river for some volleyball, BBQ and good times.

First, we had to stop at the store for the essentials – hamburgers, hotdogs, buns and of course a few adult beverages. I wanted cheese, but Daniel said it wasn’t essential. Living in the Midwest, I’ve become very accustomed to eating cheese with every meal. Cheese brauts, cheese holes, cheese fries, etc… so not having cheese for my burger was a bit upset. Luckily, I threw in cheese-filled brauts into the cart so the joke was on him. ūüôā

Team Photo

As for volleyball (Daniel don’t read any further…),¬†it was a brother versus brother ¬†matchup. Well, after years of ¬†winless oppression, lil’ bro and his team knocked off big bro and his team five games to three.¬†I was elated.¬†But for good measure, Daniel gave me a swirly afterward so I got rid of any ideas of winning again.

After volleyball, we hung out at T.C.’s pool then went to Chevy’s for dinner and margaritas.


We headed out afterward to a bar, which will remain nameless, and quickly realized it was an “alternative bar” after T.C. was asked to dance by Frank, Jim and Bob. We quickly went to another bar across the street.

We played foosball and I won again. However, we then went home and played Guitar Hero II. Let’s just say, T.C. should start his own band. His whimsical cord play was ridiculous and his rifts he was jamming out were a few of the tastiest licks I’ve ever heard.


Guitar Hero

T.C. – You are a true Guitar Hero and we pathetic wannabe groupies bow down and relent as we are unworthy to even think about being your wingman on bass.



In other news, we also saw a naked skateboarder. Not sure what that was all about. Of course, he’s the one that brought us to the “alternative bar.”Naked Skateboarder

Sunday came all to quick and we were on the road again. I must say, driving “with the flow” of traffic through San Francisco was a bit daunting. The wind was blowing us every which way, but straight. Luckily, it calmed down a bit after San Jose.

Daniel in Flowers


Daniel wanted to take a photo in the flowers. Not sure what that was all about, but he insisted.


Skull Gas Cap

In order for the flower escapade to  not ruin our manly street  credit, I  picked up a skull gas cap. 

We stopped in Soledad for the night and then carried on to Los Angeles via HWY 101 and PCH. Driving along the beach was very relaxing.


3 responses to “Harley RT: Sac-Town, the Bay Area and Back Down

  1. Hilarious! I’m sure I’d love to hear more about the Alternative bar?!…not! He is pretty isn’t he. As far as the pic of D. in the flowers..that’s awesome! He’s getting in touch with his fem-side…better late than never. By the way… the beard is looking good G. Mommy Wow! I’m a big kid now!

  2. Sister Starr

    Gregory, with your writing abilities I feel like I’m right there with you, I get lost in the moment as I read. I envy yours and Daniels thirst for life and your sense of adventure. If we all could let our hair down a little and live life to it’s fullest , after all that’s what it’s all about. I must say the Tito’s picture was torture, plain and simple, not sure how I felt about that one ;o) Daniel, I’m not from Chicago and cheese is a must! Throw it in the cart next time Gregory! Thinking of the two! Love you lots!

  3. I’ve just discovered your blog and I really love the idea of a ride report that is much more about the stops than the riding. I think I’ll try to do this on my own ride report next time out.


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