Harley RT: The Road Home (Day 7-9)

PCH Tough Guy PoseAfter a fun time in Gardenista land, we cruised up HWY 1 (Pacific Coast Highway or PCH) to Oxnard, CA, jumped onto HWY 101 until we hit San Luis Obispo. There, we cut over to PCH again and traversed some of the most rugged oceanside cliffs California has to offer.

At one point, my tire was so close to the edge I felt like Slyvester Stallone in Cliffhanger except he had stuntmen ready to help and all I had was the cold water below.

Well, much to my surprise, we made it and stayed in Oceanside, CA for the night.

The next morning, we cut over on HWY 17 to I-85 to I-260 toward San Francisco. I wanted to pass over the Golden Gate Bridge.

At first, we were going to continue up PCH, but I convinced Daniel to ride over to Napa Valley with me. While he refused to taste the wine, he was a good sport and road along with me. Luckily for us, it was our hottest day yet and we road into town in style. Me with a t-shirt, Daniel with his tanktop. I don’t have the tatoos (or muscles) to back that up. 🙂

We stopped at Twomey winery where I tasted an excellent 2003 estate-bottled Savignon Blanc. It was very refreshing the 80-plus degree heat. I also met a guy who has biked (as in bicycle) from Portland to San Francisco, Florida to California and is planning a trip from Maine to Vancouver, B.C. Talk about experiencing life!

Afterward, we continued North on HWY 29, which turned out to be Daniel’s favorite road of all times. It was the craziest switchback-laced road I’ve ever been on. It was as technical as it was fun. The turns were so tight I kept touching my foot pegs on the pavement. Fun times!

We connected to I-5 and stayed in Redding, CA. At the break of dawn, we got crankin’ and hit the road at a fierce speed in even fiercer weather. It was sunny out, but it was chilly… and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Life is great!

Life, an unpredictable journey, is something to be cherished. While life, like the roads we traveled, has hairpin turns, U-turns, ups and downs… it’s these very things that make life worth living. I will take a windy road over a straight path of least resistance any day of the week. The dips and valleys (or bumps, bruises, love, travel, kids, fights, making up, careers, etc.) are my reason for living.

To say we enjoyed this trip is an understatement. It was an experience I will never forget, it is an experience I will do again… and again. Yes, I plan on buying a Harley in ’09.

In the mean time, I’m already planning my next experience: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Care to join?


3 responses to “Harley RT: The Road Home (Day 7-9)

  1. I have no words, my heart is just swelling for the pride I feel for the both of you. T.

  2. Gregory…you are an awesome writer!

  3. Gregory…….agreeing with Terri “there are no words” Thank you for sharing this experience with the rest of us. I’m thankful that the two of you made it back safe and can’t wait to hear all the stories. I love you baby brother!

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