Beard: Day 45

Beard after 45 daysWith 3,000 miles under my belt on the Harley, I think it’s time for this vagabond to clean up and get ready for my next adventure.

Growing my beard brought a lot of reactions from people who I knew and didn’t know. Here are a sample of reactions I was graced with:

“You look like Robin Williams’ knuckles.”

“What’s up Serpico?”

“Look, it’s Scorcese.”

“Hey Chewbacca.”

“That’s kind of sparse.”

“When will it grow in?”

It’s been 45 glorious days since I started growing my manly man beard and while it’s helped my bravado and street cred within the Harley community, I’m ready to move on.

To my beard, to my family and to the many people who I’ve inspired to grow their beard… Thank you!

Do you know someone with a beard? Here are a few more comments from “Knocked Up” that you could use. Enjoy!

“Hey Crocket, how’s Tubbs doing?”

“How did it feel changing your name from Cat Stevens to Yusef Islam?”

“See ya… Scorcese on coke.”

“I bet you do, late John Lennon.”

“How’s your quest going? For fire?”



2 responses to “Beard: Day 45

  1. Love the time we spent together the other night. It was awesome to see you hang out and play basketball with those kids. It cost us nothing to give to those that have so little…but boy the payment to my heart was huge! Thanks for stepping into my world for a few hours.
    Update on Piano Dream: I started Piano lessons Thursday. Good Stuff!!! love yah kiddo!

  2. By the way, I would kick your ass in a beard growing contest. In 45 days I would look like a African bush man.

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