Exercise: The Key to Happiness?

Happiness is not acquired through one action. While one event might bring a moment of happiness, I think we can all agree that complete happiness is a symphony of precious moments spread out through time.By Brad & Sabrina - Flickr

Looking back on the last few years, the one consistent event that has brought a lot of happiness to my life is exercise.

As some of you may know, I trained for and finished the 2007 Chicago Marathon in 5:20:06. I had trained for a four hour marathon, but the temperature hit record highs that day and in turn had taken a toll on my body. None-the-less, finishing my first marathon was one of my most proudest moments.

[Check out my running Web site at www.finish-first-marathon.com for tips and tricks on finishing your first marathon.]

The reasoning was simple. It was a race against myself and I won. Meaning, I was the only person accountable for waking myself up at the crack of dawn to pound out my miles. It was mentally and physically challenging, but finishing made me realize the amount of mental and physical fortitude I can muster up when I commit to a goal.

Accomplishing this goal brought me more happiness than any mid-summer’s day strawberry margarita could ever bring.

With that said, my next experience experiment will be creating an exercise program (cardio and weight training). And of course, what’s a plan without a few goals? By accomplishing these goals, I will contribute to my happiness.

I will roll out my exercise program later this week.

In the mean time, check out my cousin and his quest for bodybuilding success at www.toddjewell.com.

Also, if a certain exercise or meal / nutritional plan as worked for you, feel free to write a comment about it below. I need all the help I can get for planning purposes!


2 responses to “Exercise: The Key to Happiness?

  1. Gregory, I hope you got to see my reply to “the Gardenista” (5-7 road trip) but I didn’t send it until just yesterday because I was down from back surgery. How wonderful it has been to “move around” according to your adventures up and down the coast. Am still so sorry that you were so close (at Inez’ house) and we never got to see ya. We are only 5 min. from there. Thanks for living the life I’ve had to take a temporary break from, and for reporting it back so beautifully. I’m thrilled for you.
    Love Aunt Gayle (‘n Al)

  2. Gayle – Good to hear from you! Sorry to hear about your back, but hope everything is better. Next time we’re down, we’ll make sure to stop by. Thanks for the kind comments!

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