DTM – Raw and Undedited

Ladies and gentleman… I bring you the first guest post from my brother, Dan the Man.

“Type here” – Yes he had to tell me where to type, ok maybe not but damn near. Hello everyone it’s DTM in person I sayA Life\'s Experience that sarcastically, but sometimes I swear to hear Gregory talk about me or write about me puts me up on a pedistal. I asked him if I could write alittle for this page of his and he took me up on it so here goes, don’t bother correcting my mistakes not only do I know Im makin them I don’t care so save it. Like I told Gregory you show me how to work a computer and ill show you how to work on your bike.(ok that’s not what I said, but gona do my best to keep this PG)
Few weeks back G (Gregory duh) texts me “need a vacation from life I’m bored and just need to go somewhere , you down?” I couldn’t respond to him quick enough. My response “dude you have no idea get your shit and get out here will figure out the details when you’re here” one day later pickin him up at the airport. Next day traden in all my quads on a bike for him an spent the next few days getn it ready for some mileage. After a few hickups we were on the road Thursday afternoon. Both lookin for some sort of answer to lifes never ending questions.
I don’t know bout him but the only question I answered was weather or not you can ride 650 miles in a day without your ass hurtn.
My questions aren’t unique there the same ones men an women have asked for years. And for some unknown reason besides dr. phil no one seems to have figured it out yet. Or maybe some of you have and are just some stingy bastards! No big deal though cuz I’m pretty sure what works for you won’t work for me or the next person. We are all unique an in turn our problems are. Which leads me to believe our solutions will be as well.
I made an attempt to see my dad on this journey of ours, I haven’t seen him in something like 10 years. Don’t remember last time I wrote him a letter. And he’s been in prison since I was 6. Through the majority of my life he’s been nothing more than a plug for a hole in my life. Every child or person who grows up without either there mother or there father knows what I’m talking bout, unfortunately there are more people out there that know what im talking bout than those who don’t. ah todays society got to love it. My point is I was attempting to possibly find or get answers from someone who besides biologically knows nothing about me and who I besides, my mom telling me I eat French toast like him , basically know little about him. I see this same reaction all around me everyday. If we don’t have the answers we in my opinion look else where for solutions. Rather than diggin deep and either coming up with one or sticken it out and letting the solution come find us we take the easy ways. Which in todays world is a number of things because of all our options. And as luck would have it all the negative options are much easier than the one positive and that is to atleast attempt to find your answers with in yourselves. So long story short it took me 1500 miles to realize if there is an answer to my lifes troubles right now it’s 1500 miles behind me not on the road and not in my dad.
so here I am still no answers, but much closer than I was yesterday, ah progress.
I may have not got answers, but I did gain a life time of experiences that unfortunately most will never attempt. For as long as I’ve had a motorcycle I’ve wanted some one I could connect with to go riding with. And through the most unusual of circumstances I got that now when I need it the most.
I leave you with a thought and a saying I read the other day. “thought” try to find something good in everything you do and everything that happens to you it’s not always easy, but it is possible. “saying”we do not cease to play because we grow old, we grow old because we cease to play. George Bernard Shaw
To “the G man” I can’t tell you what it means to have you by myside thru this chapter of life I can only hope I have as much to offer you and your battles as you do mine. I look forward to the next adventure what ever it may be “sign me up”
One more thought that rings close to me and my life. If you take yourself out of the game before you have the chance to strikeout, fumble the ball, or miss that game winning shot, you’ll never know what would’ve happened. That’s true in every aspect of life, you know what you may fumble, but then again you may not. I got this partially from a movie I just watched , but it’s how I’ve always been in my opinion. I don’t have a problem with losing despite what my fam may tell you. I do however have a problem with not givin life your all. Basically if your not doing something because you’re afraid to fail you’re an F#$%*n idiot in my eyes. The way I see it you failed by never even giving yourself a chance to fail, keep that up and you will end your life a failure in your own eyes. You may fail a million times, but take it from some one who has f#$%^ed up a lot each one has been an experience and I wouldn’t take em back for the world. so if your neked sittin in your bean bag chair eatin cheetos just waitin for some sign here it is. And thru the most unusual of circumstances, a strangers telling you to parden the cliché “just do it” don’t worry about failing. Simply trying makes you a success. “show me a good looser and I’ll show you a looser!”



5 responses to “DTM – Raw and Undedited

  1. what that was pretty deep dude. funny thing is i could see you standin in front of me sayin the same thing..

  2. Daniel…….a writer and didn’t even know it! The picture is priceless ;o) I admire your inner strength and the courage to live life to it’s fullest. You are who you are, you get what you see, no beating around the bush, those are the things I love most about you!

  3. Your “saying” is a lot like my favorite quote – “Take risks not to escape life, but to prevent life from escaping!” Great post DTM

  4. No matter where you go whatever is inside will follow. I am in awe of both of you. You are living life instead of life living you. Answers? We live life everyday and at the end of our life we say, “well did I do at least one thing right?” Every single day is a quest. Live it to it’s fullest. The story: THE DASH speaks on this…if you get the chance read it.

  5. Boy it does not get any better than that. I hope when the dust settles we can find a common interest that I can share with you and dan I hope to help create memories we can all look up from our last moments and smile. You are right opbn the money when you talk about the pursuit of stff and how it don’t mean nothing

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