The 2008 LPD Winter Fitness Challenge

[RSVP to by 11/1/08]

Consider yourself challenged… The 2008 LPD Winter Fitness Challenge begins November 1, 2008.

Last week, DTM was sitting on the tailgate of his truck trying to organize an exercise challenge for us to make sure we didn’t go stir crazy during the cold winter months. Realizing we were just a tad bit different, he drew a blank.

The very next day I (a.k.a. “LB”) sent a text to him reading:

“Consider yourself challenged. The 2008 Exercise Program will commence next week. It will measure strength, endurance and speed. Details to follow.”

Needless to say, DTM didn’t wait for details… he outlined a workout challenge immediately. What started as a fitness challenge between a few guys, now includes friends, family, t-shirts, updates and a wrap party with prizes. Obviously, DTM took it up a notch!

“This is a great way to break up the long winter months,” said DTM. “I hope to see you all in December at the wrap party… we’re hosting!”

So who’s invited to join The 2008 LPD Winter Fitness Challenge? That’s easy, YOU. Read the details below and join us by RSVPing to me at by Nov. 1. You’ll need to come up with a nickname as well… DTM’s is El Diablo. Mine is En Fuego. It doesn’t have to be Spanish.



  • Fitness Challenge: Nov. 1 – Dec. 12
  • Wrap-Up Party: TBD


  • First and foremost, this program is not a “who can lift the most weight challenge.” It is more of an individual challenge within a group setting. The group setting is there for motivation. Of course, we all know how hard personal motivation is so we’ve created a point system based on personal improvements, but that will be easily measured within the group. While better personal fitness is the ultimate award, we all know prizes help too! We will award several prizes to “Most Dedicated,” “Most Improved,” etc.


  • We have five main categories, which include: Bench, pushups, crunches, pull-ups and the 1-mile run (You can pick one or all or send us a suggest exercise). Since all muscles are not created equal, this challenge does not measure total weight lifted or total number of crunches crunched. Rather it measures the increase in weight lifted or crunches crunched.
  • That’s why the first week of the fitness challenge is to set your benchmark. Find out how much you can bench, how many pushups, crunches and pull-ups you can do and how fast (or slow) you can run (or walk) a mile in.
  • Each week you will try to improve on your benchmark and I will record your percentage gain.

Example 1: Week 1 – I could bench 25 lbs. Week 2 – I could bench 30 lbs.

The increase was 5 lbs. Each lb. is worth a point. Or:

Example 2: Week 1 – I could do 15 pushups. Week 5 – I could do 35 pushups.

The increase since Week 1 was 20 pushups or 20 points.

  • Each week you need to send your updates to I will keep track of everybody’s progress. I will send a recap e-mail to everyone each week.


  • We are making LPD-branded commemorative t-shirts. If you want one, please send a check for $15 payable to LPD Interactive, LLC to:

211 E. Naches Ave.
Selah, WA 98942

What is LPD?

  • LPD stands for Live Hard. Play Hard. Die Hard. It is a motto Daniel came up with a few years back. Some of you might know that he has a LPD tattoo on the back of his neck.
  • LPD’s credo is “We live to play so that when we die, we have no regrets.” LPD is not about dieing and it’s not about waiting for life to happen. LPD is about creation. Create life’s moments and revel in the experiences that you will uncover. Don’t sit and wait. Stand up and run after what is rightfully yours – life!
  • We formed a company called LPD Interactive, LLC. It is the official sponsor of The 2008 LPD Winter Fitness Challenge. What does that mean for you? You get a kick-ass party at the end of the challenge hosted by LPD.



9 responses to “The 2008 LPD Winter Fitness Challenge

  1. Sounds great! Just the kind of challenge I need to whip my bod into shape. Count me in!!

  2. You guys are ABSOLUTELY amazing! nuf said.

  3. Okay Dean and the kids and I are in, but can we add an excersie, lunges may be a good one. Most of your challenges involve a lot of wrist strength and I don’t have a lot of that in one of mine. Soooooo lets add some legs??????

  4. Ran the mile in 7min 8sec today. First time ive ran the mile since high shcool i ran a 15 min mile then.

  5. Big T – Good time! Keep it up I’m sure you’ll break 7 min no problem.

  6. Ran a 9 min mile tonight… way off my 7:12 PR, but it’s a start and can only go down from here… oh it’s on!

  7. Okay I haven’t mastered running the mile yet, BUT I WILL! I walked it in 15:48, Justin watch out I’m comin to get cha!!!

  8. Okay didn’t time my walk last week either but we walked all day in Leavenworth. I know I know..not the same… need a cattle prod to poke me in the rear… motivation is starting to lag with minus 3 degrees in our forcast.

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