LPD Fitness: Week 1

My family has impressed me. We have about 20 friends and family signed up for The 2008 LPD Personal Fitness Winter Challenge. I applaud you all. Now that we all feel good about ourselves… let’s get serious.

Welcome to week one of the challenge. This is test week and it’s very important to measure your benchmarks this week as you’ll be comparing your progress each week to this initial data.

Click the video below to hear a few words from DTM about week one.

Good luck this week!

Week 1 Checklist

  • E-mail your benchmark results to gldawson@gmail.com by Sunday, November 9
  • E-mail your shirt size to gldawson@gmail.com by Friday, November 7
  • Send a check for $15 to 211 E Naches Ave, Selah, WA 98942 (make payable to LPD Interactive, LLC)

21 responses to “LPD Fitness: Week 1

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  3. would like to be the first one to comment! my comment has little to do with thgis experience and more to do with life. i just wanted to stand on a roof top and let the world know how much i love my family, and to publicly say how impressed i am by my lil bro and his talents mainly with the computer! you’re awesome bro keep followin your dreams! can’t wait for the party! more importantly can’t wait to see what we come up with next. I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!

  4. nice video dude lol……ive been workin on the challenge keepin my records on a speadsheet on my comp. I can’t believe how outta shape i am

  5. Thanks bro and to everyone else who makes this life more and more interesting every day!


    BTW – I’m really impressed you figured out how to comment on this blog. 🙂

  6. I LOVE YOU TOO MAN, BOTH OF YOU!!! ;o) TC keep going………YOU CAAANNN DOOOO IT! Daniel I won’t tell you how sore my thighs were after lunges last week. ;o)

  7. Let the smack begin –

    Eric and I just finished our first official Mile FAST walk in 20 minutes. And for all you sissy treadmillers the walk included a 40% uphill grade and two downhill grades of 10-20%. And it doesn’t end there – it was done in the dark, in the pouring rain, fog, and two spastic dogs (one of which was on a leash). SO THERE!!! Bring it! When I get my infra-red night vision goggles from the military I will send you video coverage of our next adventure. Hopefully we will have a cool video of us being chased off the hill by coyotes!!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!! WHOOORAAAAA….

  8. Terri and Eric – That’s so frickin awesome! I too am running outside. The fresh air feels good on the lungs! But of course, I have no coyotes to worry about! 🙂

  9. Thank you so much DTM and Gregory for organizing this and getting us all off our “asses” to start moving. I am so excited to get into better shape. I too am so outta shape, T.C. but so excited for the results! Love to all!

  10. Okay…I just came up with another idea: Theme anthem songs. Mine is the song from Chariots of Fire… Tag you’re it…what’s yours???? By the way, another mile completed tonight..again in the rain and dark and (drum roll please) done in 14 minutes. UHHHHHH….

  11. Tammy – It’s my pleasure! I love that we’re all into this as much as we are.

    Terri – Chariots of Fire is good… I listen to “Here it goes again” by Ok Go! It gets me moving and helped me get through 26.2 miles in Chicago last year! But when I’m really trying to dig deep for weights I listen to “You Don’t Know” by Fity and Eminem… or “Coming Undone” by Korn….

  12. Okay..new song… How about EVERYBODY DANCE NOW by C&C Music Factory (gotta go back to the 80’s for this one)…”come on let’s sweat..baby….let me see yah move…” Okay now I need to download that one…

  13. oh shit you kids got no clue el diablo downloaded an 80’s mix friday leadin off is eye of the tiger rapin it up is michael jackson and BAD. “i’ll tell you who’s bad!”

  14. Would be cool to have your company logo on a burned cd of all our Workout songs… I’d pay for it …I’m sure everyone else would too…
    “Bad is when you are capable of beatin’ the bad…” What song?

  15. Worked out to El Diablo’s 80’s mix and Dean, the kids and I were a dancin all around the floor. Favorite’s would be Jessies Girl…By Rick Springfiled and the three or four songs from Prince! When I was dancin with the basketball, Josh did look at me a little funny! It’s all about havin fun and feelin good, right?

  16. Ok, seriously want a copy of that 80’s CD that everyone’s raving about…fun times!! I personally love the soundtrack to Rocky…makes me feel like I am running on top of a snow covered mountain top! :o) Keep up the energy everyone, I am having a blast! Love to all!

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  18. really sore!! “Hey Mickey!” is my choice for workout song. And of course my Aunt Terri nicknamed me “Mick,” so it fits me to a “T.” BRING IT! Mom don’t forget to beat 10.2 on the mile…

  19. Okay Daniel is thinking we all gave up!!! We have one week to go. I haven’t done my mile in almost a week because I was sick. Going to Seattle today for training, hope to do some walking there. Looking forward to seeing how everyone did on this challenge. Let’s keep it goin’ people!!!!!!!!!! ALL FIRED UP!!! (Pat Benatar)

  20. Thanks so much for the great information. I’ll definitely use these tips. I’ll also make sure to plan my meals

  21. @stephanie – Great site!

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