LPD Fitness: Week 2 “Nutrition”

With week one in the books, I wanted to spice up the challenge a bit more and give you the four magical steps to a healthier life. Actually, they’re not magical and I’m sure you’ve heard them a million times, but they work.

Nutrition is as, if not more, important as your workout plan. I found this out when I ran my first marathon (read about that here and don’t forget to click one of those google ads if it looks interesting…). Of course, I loaded up on carbohydrates when training as I was running 25 to 35 miles per week. I needed that extra stored energy.

However, your nutrition plan for a well-balanced workout strategy should include energy-packed meals with a balanced combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat with an ample amount of water.

Carbs give your body energy. Protein builds muscle and helps you recover faster while fat helps your body digest carbs slower so you have more sustainable energy. Water, of course, helps deliver all those important nutrients and oxygen to your extremities.

The Four Magical Steps

1. WATCH YOUR PORTIONS: If your steak looks like the “Ole 96er” from “The Great Outdoors [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Outdoors_(1988_film)] then you might have a problem. Most single portions of meet are about the size of the palm of your hand. Which brings me to the Rule of Hand – keep portion sizes smaller than your hand. It’s not an exact science, but it works.

2. EAT HEALTHY CARBS: eat 3-5 servings of veggies and 2-4 servings of fruit daily; beans three times a week and choose whole grains like whole wheat bread, oats and brown rice instead of white bread and white rice.

3. LEAN PROTEIN SAVES LIVES: Okay, that might be a bit drastic, but it’s important. Eat lean cuts of beef (cut the fat off), skinless chicken and turkey breast and fish. Beans are good and so are low-fat and nonfat dairy products.

4. CUT THE CRAP: Yup, sugar and junk food are your nutrition plan killers. Sugar brings you up just as fast as it brings you down and junk food gives you an endless supply of empty calories with no health benefits. Soda no more… or at least hit up the diet when your craving hits.

Meal Options
Talking about food is getting me hungry! See below for a great recipe for your nutrition plan. What are some of your favorite workout recipes or just general nutrition advice? Comment below

Hawaiian Chicken
From “Fire Up Your Metabolism

Also, read “7 Fail-proof Ways to Rev Up Your Fat Burning and Get Lean” from blogger Leo Babauta.

Can’t wait to try some of your recipes!


14 responses to “LPD Fitness: Week 2 “Nutrition”

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  5. so what your sayin is that i should stop drinking pop and stop eating candy.

  6. @Big T – Well, at least cut down your intake. 🙂

  7. Water is sooo important too. Try cutting your pop intake by half and replacing it with water. Good complexion, less body toxins, less headaches. And try not to drink it ice cold.

  8. Good way to cut beef out of your life or even chicken is go visit a dairy or a chicken farm! Just ask Eric or Dean. We’d all be vegetarians real quick like. If you think that your beef or chicken is being raised in a nice green pasture THINK AGAIN!

  9. i eat vegetarians for breakfast first off!!!!!! i’ll take my beef and chicken dipped in shit!!!! DTM’s easy workout due to a partial sprain wrist. 6sets 20 decline pushups, 6sets 25 incline crunches, ten minutes on treadmill 1mile. that’s 360 push ups, 450 crunches an 3 miles before you even up Ter Ter!!!! lets see how do you split tails say it………? “it’s been brOOOOOTTTTEEEN!

  10. 3 times??? okay is that code?

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  12. I love my meat Daniel! But not sure I would eat it dipped in poo poo. I just don’t want to know the process for how it got to my plate. Teaching Food Safety for the last 3 years now at the jail, I have seen and heard alot. If you’re able to wash it, do! Because speaking of pooo approximately 90% of all food bourne illnesses are fecal/oral (translation: poop going into your mouth). So buy a vowel to get a a clue: wash your hands people!!! Here is some more useless info: the latest and greatest fertilizer out there is: human feces… puts a whole new spin on recycle – reuse.
    buuuuuh bye now!

  13. Thanks so much for the great information. I’ll definitely use these tips. I’ll also make sure to plan my meals

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