10-Minute Veggie Stir Fry

The 10-Minute Veggie Stir Fry is quick, easy and delicious!

I cut up mushrooms, yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, garlic, onions and broccoli while I’m cooking the rice for the first five minutes. I then sprinkle some pepper on and throw the veggies in with the rice and cook for another five minutes with a cover on. The trapped steam helps soften the veggies. Bon appetite!


11 responses to “10-Minute Veggie Stir Fry

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  3. Is this mom’s recipe???

  4. you’re are too damn cute!

  5. Not mom’s. Do you have it?

    I got a 3.2 mile run in today along the greenway… The sun was shining and the crisp air was invigorating!

  6. In the Recipe Book she made this is what she wrote word for word (misspelled words and all):
    RICE & VEGGIES (one of my favorite inventions)
    About 2 cups of rice, depending on size of family
    sautee zucunni, broccli, in butter then move to the side. Scrable one or 2 eggs in middle of pan, then add rice and soy sause and Sunflower seeds cook for about 10 to 15 minutes, serve, cover with cheese. for extra added flavor you can also use couliflower, carrots, (grated)

  7. My favorite laugh I got from it was “scrable” the eggs…instead of SCRAMBLE.

    It’s amazing how she and Daniel loved to play SCRABBLE, she must of had to use a dictionary alot.

    Miss her.

  8. Playing scrabble with mom was an experience to say the least!

  9. K… I have no stats from last week..I know I know… I was sick until Friday and then I …blah blah blah…just excuses! Anyway…absolutely loved the YouTube video of the inmates dancing to HERO by Bonnie Tyler…need that on our 80’s mix… I think I’m going to implement this at our jail…I watched the other videos with the same inmates..very cool. I am in my hotel room in Seattle and I s**t you not I was literally dancing !LUUUUUVED IT!!! I’m inspired! I did do lots of walking today after my class, went shopping downtown Seattle (not timed so I won’t count it, but boy oh boy my feet are killing me. So beautiful here right now…everything is all lit up for Xmas. Talk to you soon lil bro. lu

  10. way ahead of you sis, “i need a hero” has been on my ipod for weeks now. takin my computer to disneyland with me gonna make up playlists for party and new workout lists! awwww scrabble with mom……………… what a memory she was definitly a sore loser! so sad to see someone so caught up on winning!;-( i remember it like it was yesterday……… i use to say ” calm down mom geeez it’s just a game”;-)>

  11. yeah and I can just see her smacking you upside your head!
    Be sure to put Fired Up on your play list too by Pat Benatar.
    Have fun at Disneyland. Take lots of pics. This is the time to remember…when their little and so in awe of everything magical! Enjoy.

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