Getting My Mojo Back

Not that I’ll ever admit that I lost it (ok maybe a little)… I finally feel like I got my mojo back. I’m talking honest-to-God mojo. The kind that when you’re alarm clocks screams it’s annoying sound you think… oh my, this is going to be a good day.


This morning was my “mojo back day.” Let me recap the last several months for everyone.

I finally realize I’m going through a quarter-life crises

April thru May
Long-term relationship collapses due mostly to my inability to be happy with myself

June thru July
I take refuge in Argentina to “get away form it all” only to realize that “it all” is not really attached to any one location. šŸ˜¦

July until this morning
I go through a bit of self loathing on and off, read a few self-help books, attend a few shrink sessions, surround myself with friends and family, start doing things I like to do and stop doing things I don’t like to do… etc., etc.

This morning
You know when you got out of high school and realize all the “he said, she said” bullcrap in high school didn’t really matter? Well, that’s what I finally realized about life in general this morning.

If there’s something you want to do… do it. If there’s something you don’t want to do… don’t. You really are the keeper of your own destiny.

I’ve concocted a few “this is what I’m going to live by moving forward” rules:

1. Thank My Family Every Chance I Get
Family tends to get a bad wrap, especially around the holidays when everybody is up in everybody’s business. Up until recently, I’ve lived a few thousand miles away from my family and always felt like I was missing out. From my little nephews and niece growing up to my mom passing away, living by my family has always been something I knew I wanted to do eventually. It couldn’t come soon enough! They have been my biggest support and have literally revived me back with life. THANKS FAMILY! šŸ™‚

2. Cut the Crap
Too long have I just let crap (things I never wanted to have in my life, but just let it because I was too lazy to do something about it) roll in and out of my life. We all deserve to keep high standards for how with live and why we live. From being mentally fit to physically fit and loving to being loved. We all have a tendency to accept subpar. Nope… not me, not anymore. I’m taking a chapter from my brother’s book of life and expecting better of myself.

3. Move On, My Life Will Too
I’m moving on. No regrets. Life is an experience and I tend to take advantage of it each and everyday.

4. Living with Less
I truly believe that my ability to live out of my suitcase (literally) has kept me sane over the last several months… as well as saved me a few dollars. I currently rent a small place, in a small town with little more than a few donated chairs, inflatable bed, clothes that can fit in a suitcase, donated cups, forks (plastic and metal) and spoon. Yes, spoon is not plural for a reason…

I find happiness in my life by the people I surround myself with, not by the things that I can fill my house up with.

That’s it. Four simple rules from my previous life lessons. And I leave you with a quote my brother uses from time to time…

“When life gives you lemons… find someone whose life gives them vodka and have a party!”

By the way… I ran my fastest times today in about a year!


11 responses to “Getting My Mojo Back

  1. The rule that resonates the most with me is #2: cut the crap: “We all deserve to keep high standards for how with live and why we live.” I totally agree, we should strive for excellence in every facet of our lives. Life’s too short to accept anything less.

  2. I’m so proud of you! Life is too short and taking the time to stop and smell the roses is so important. We all have so much to be thankful for and take so much for granted. You, Daniel and Terri have inspired me to live my life to it’s fullest, because after all we all have the choice! Thank you for being you, I love you!

  3. Well, I have again been left with my hanging open with nothing but awe oozing from it. You are beyond amazing. And it warms the very core of me to hear you speak so highly of our brother. I know things have been…well; kind of …”touchy,” here lately. We all have such a connection. We really are very lucky. If you look at other families and even our own extended family, not too many people have what the four of us have: A CONNECTION. I can speak for all 3 of us and say we are soooo glad you are home! Just to add something to your thoughts: your 20’s are all about, “who the hell am I and how the hell do I fit in this world around me.” My 20’s sucked sooo bad. I could not wait to turn 30! It was all about falling down and getting back up. It was all about running into walls, and saying, “well I guess that didn’t work and I won’t be doing that again.” All I can say is, “the best has yet to come lil bro.” You are on the right path for you. You have stumbled, and you have picked yourself up and carried on. We all do this, the trick is to not do it the same ..twice. Mom would be extremely proud of am I. I love you.

  4. lol… I guess I left out an important word in my letter above, “i have again been left with my MOUTH hanging open….” LMAO!!!! See you amazed me sooo much, I was leaving words out!

  5. Thanks for all of your comments.

    BTW: Terri – I have an excellent idea for you hiking blog!

  6. Awesome, we need to get together and do that. Maybe this Sunday. Going to Leavenworth Saturday. Maybe we can get together with DTM and Starr to talk about THE party as well.

  7. hey LB well it’s ben a ride right? it always is with us. that’s what i like best bout me an u. we can be in the middle of no where ,with nuthin but a shoe lace two lemons a swiss army knife a harmonica and a goat! and some how three hours later we magiver a party out of it, sure the goat ends up pregnant, but what a party!!!;-)> i said it in an email to you and i’ll say it again, too many people out there sit around waitin for things to happen to them……… then there are those that go out and make things happen. you are definitly one of those people who go out an make shit happen in my eyes! sure u run the risk of fuckin up, but speaking from experience some times that’s half the fun!!! it takes ballz to get knocked down by life and get back up and try it again! i’m proud to say your my brother and one of my best friends! and i love the fact that we do things differently, couldn’t imagine a world with two of either of us in it! ;-)> (that smily face is trademarked not to be used without the permission of DTM inc………. love ya LB
    look forward to every tomorrow with you in it…..

  8. And you as well my friend. BTW – Saw a show about Sturgis… gonna be a blast!

  9. okay…that was a three hankie one! damn the two of you… you should make a movie outta your life, people pay good money to see this s*@# on the big screen. (sniffle sniffle)…
    I love you Man!
    All kidding aside…. we are all 4 lucky to have each other. Being the big sis, I am proud of all my sibs. We all have alot of faults individually, but boy oh boy do we stick together… for each other. Love you.

  10. Gregory when you walked into my office today I was so proud to say this is my baby, baby brother. The four of us have an unbreakable bond and I am so thankful to have three of the best sibilings ever. Each one of you unique in your own way. When it comes down to it, there are no words to descirdbe what a journey our lives have been so far……………………….ups and downs……laughter and tears………….marriages and divorces………….births and deaths…………we have all been there to pick up the pieces and be the strength each one of has needed. There is no mountain I wouldn’t climb for each one of you! Love you beyond words!

  11. Ooooh, now I so want to be somebody’s brother, sister, mother, or pet poodle in this family!! Wait, I already am: Aunt Gayle. Maybe it counted more when you were all very little people, but the joy and pride is mine nonetheless. You are amazing grace that blesses me each time I read any one of these pieces. Thanks.

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