The Power of Lyrics

[Editor’s note: This post was inspired by my sister Terri.]

Funny how powerful lyrics, a beat of a drum or the strum of a guitar can be.



Think about how many times your favorite song has come on and you involuntarily start bobbing your head or taping your fingers on the steering wheel… next thing you know, you’re singing at the top of your lungs. The person in the car next to you, as expected, either smiles or shakes their head.

Songs can invoke happiness, sadness… or even grief. From the standard motivational track “Eye of the Tiger” getting you up and out of bed to exercise or “Jessie’s Girl” reminding you of the one that got away or “It’s Five O-Clock Somewhere” reminding you to take a break, enjoy the sun and a cocktail… their ability to change your mood in an instance is interesting.

Studies have shown that running while listening to songs with higher beats per minute (BPM) helps increase your pace. A high school science project showed how mice subjected to classical music day-after-day lowered their time to get from start to finish in a maze from 10 minutes to 90 seconds while mice subjected to heavy metal went from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. [LINK]

What are some of your songs and their meanings?

Here are a few of my songs and what they mean to me:

1. Come Away with Me/Norah Jones: Reminds me of love lost

2. California/Phantom Planet: Reminds me of driving down HWY 101, windows down, freedom, being young

3. The Dance/Garth Brooks: Reminds me of if all the “what if’s” and if they had happened what would I have missed out on

4. Champagne Supernova/Oasis: Just reminds me of good stuff… such an infectious song

5. Here it Goes Again/Ok Go: Reminds me of training for the Chicago Marathon… I litterally listened to this song a thousand times

6. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing/Jack Johnson: Reminds me of my impatience because I always feel like I’m  sitting, waiting, wishing…

7. Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain/Yann Tiersen: Reminds me of coffee and crepes in Paris

8. Motorcycle Diaries Theme Song/Gustavo Santaolalla: Reminds me of Harley road trip down to L.A. and my trip to Argentina

9. Bittersweet Symphony/Verve Pipe: Reminds me of how I don’t have a voice because I always try singing it! 🙂


13 responses to “The Power of Lyrics

  1. Aweee………….MUSIC! One of my favorite things. I have a new favorite song each week LOL. My new fav is “All the single girls” By: Beyonce (sp?) Not that I’m sinlge, but like you said it’s just one of those songs where you can get your groove on and not care who’s shaking their head at you (Josh and Kayla ;o) My song to my babies, family and friends is “Everything I do I do it for you) By: Bryan Adams. Probably the biggest impact a song has made on me this far and that may be because of the person that wanted me to hear it is”The Reason” By: Hoobastank. The list is long, each one with a different meaning and affect, touching me at different stages in my life, music definitely has been my therapy.

  2. “Sometimes,” by Candlebox, is the song I want played at my funeral. It’s how I feel about life and my family. The end of the song: “In my head I’ve got everything I want in you.”

    Music is what gets me through life. It most definitely gets me through my grief over losing mom; which is an ongoing process.

    There is a song for every moment of my life. Mom gave us all that. Her song to us: Forever Young…stays with me.

    She also loved, “I hope you Dance.”

    We have all listened to music and danced through this thing we call life due in part to her own love of dance and music. Some of my best memories with her as a child were of her holding one of us whether in her arms or her holding our hands dancing to something on the radio or a record or cd she had going. She gave this to our kids too.

    Music is such a healing force and an awe inspiring force. It can lift us up so high and soothe us when we are so low.

    I thank God and Mom for this gift.

    Thank you brother for the dedication. I love the 3 of you beyond these simple words…

    but as I end this little note I must leave you with a line from a Sister Sledge song….”We are family…”

    I love you

  3. We are family
    I got all my sisters (and brothers) with me
    We are family
    Get up ev’rybody and sing!!!!

  4. “everyone can see we are TOGETHER as we walk on by… hey!”

  5. La La La………..I don’t know the words!

  6. Just for you Starr (but add brother with the “sisters”)
    We are family
    I got all my sisters with me
    We are family
    Get up everybody and sing

    Everyone can see we’re together
    As we walk on by
    (FLY!) and we fly just like birds of a feather
    I won’t tell no lie
    (ALL!) all of the people around us they say
    Can they be that close
    Just let me state for the record
    We’re giving love in a family dose

    We are family
    I got all my sisters with me
    We are family
    Get up everybody and sing

    We are family
    I got all my sisters with me
    We are family
    Get up everybody and sing

    Living life is fun and we’ve just begun
    To get our share of the world’s delights
    (HIGH!) high hopes we have for the future
    And our goal’s in sight
    (WE!) no we don’t get depressed
    Here’s what we call our golden rule
    Have faith in you and the things you do
    You won’t go wrong
    This is our family Jewel

    We are family
    I got all my sisters with me
    We are family
    Get up everybody and sing

    We are family
    I got all my sisters with me
    We are family
    Get up everybody and sing

  7. ok im so the person in the car next to you three shaking my head!!!!;-)>

  8. wait i dont own a car…… k im on my bike shaking my head at you three looney toones….

  9. And jealous that you can’t be there singing right along with us…. it’s okay we won’t tell anyone. Cuz we’re kul like that ! lol You know you want to SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THING…
    Uh Oh…there’s another song!

  10. Peaches and Herb – Shake your Groove Thing…add it to the list!

  11. ha………… you silly little girl allready got that one……… they gave me an autographed copy since they wrote the song bout MY

  12. Silly me… I was half asleep when I wrote that! I knew you’d be ON IT!!! Shake it Shake it… we got the rhythm tonight!

  13. OMG..we’re a bunch of dorks!

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