Altering Your Route


Riding the Storm, originally uploaded by GregDawson.

There is nothing more exhilarating to me than changing my semi-planned route at the last minute.

En route to Las Vegas from Sacramento last week, I had a decision to make. Take a shortcut – faster, better weather, closer to my next destination – or face mother nature head on and enjoy a beer and some tacos with my friend Vanno in L.A. that night.

The decision was ultimately made for me… when it was time to make a left or go straight for L.A., a little ray of sunshine wiggled its way though the clouds and straight I went.

Unfortunately, my little sunshine friend was short lived and into the belly of the beast I went. What ensued, I’m convinced, was the hundred-year storm. The cats and dogs were even scared.

Mother Nature 1, Greg 0

“Yeah, but whata ride! It’s how you learn to appreciate the good ones!”
– DTM ;-}>>>

Regardless, I felt like I was in a scene straight out of Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd and Harry are driving to Aspen on the scooter up the mountain in the snow.

Just when I thought I was going to drown in the “lake” I was driving through, Mother Nature rewarded my adventuress spirit with a bit of dry weather and shades of the deepest reds and oranges I’ve ever seen in a beautiful sunset over the coast.

You see, sometimes instead of being scared of change, it’s best to embrace it… even when it means going through a storm. Because ultimately, it’s these little storms that make us appreciate the better parts of life.

And of course… sometimes, a storm doesn’t mean anything other than that it’s between you and a few brewskies with your buddy beachside at The Whaler in Sunny Southern California.

Cheers and safe travels!


6 responses to “Altering Your Route

  1. LOL……………Daniel being on the back/front would of made the perfect picture! LOL Aweeeee….. change, challenges and lifes storms…….they make us stronger, wiser and less traumatized when the next one comes our way. I love you baby brother.

  2. Definitely! Would have been great to have him in front to block the rain!

    Love your words above… God wouldn’t give us anything that we couldn’t make it through… it all just makes us stronger.

  3. Love to wake in the morn and see your travels.I see a book in your future. As for the storms of life I’m ready for a breeze.Love ya

  4. @Sherry A breeze is coming your way! 🙂

  5. okay this is by far my fav of your writings laughed my ass off, awwww mother nature shes a mutha………………… and yet shes so beautiful too! maybe the beauty in the beauty an the beast in the beast is all in how they’re percieved. well you’ve always measured up in my eyes as LB an a friend, and i’d challenge anyone to match your motorcycle education (you learned like Cole Trickle i told you to get on it an ride and you did and u could thee end class dissmissed! Much like your car driving class lmao!) but your takin the adventure in life to a whole new level! and wether i’m your wing man or your mine all i know is i cant wait……………DTM

  6. You know bro, I learned from the best. While the road may bring cold and hateful weather… it always rewards you with a beautiful sunrise, sunset or just a stretch of road that reminds you of why we live to ride.

    The experience of riding a motorcycle has been my best long-term gift yet. Thank you.

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