Adventure Video Time: Willow Gulch

Okay, I’m taking a break from all my wisdom-filled (or lack thereof) posts for a little bit of what I’m dubbing… wait for it… here it comes… “ADVENTURE VIDEO TIME!” I know, lame, but whateves. Enjoy a quick video of some of my family and me squeezing through one of the narrower parts of Willow Gulch in Escalante, UT.

BTW – After you’re done hiking for the day (or before, I’m not judging)… check out Escalante Outfitters for a beer and some pizza. A decent beer selection and it doubles as the only liquor store in town. Free WiFi too!

Some photos I took while hiking:

Related Links: Willow Gulch Trailhead to Broken Bow Arch About Escalante, UT

Escalate Outfitters: Great place to grab a beer, pizza, clothes or liquor… yes, it’s the only liquor store around… also has wifi and camping


4 responses to “Adventure Video Time: Willow Gulch

  1. Awesome time! Love the fact that this day happened all by chance. What a feeling of utter FREEDOM. I want to have this feeling every day of my life! It’s like opening up your arms as wide as you can, closing your eyes, falling backwards…and into the arms of God! I love you LB

  2. Nice scenery Greg – looks like a fun day out in nature. However, you look a little constipated when you’re filming yourself – may need to work on your on-camera presence.

  3. @Jason Sparks… damn it, you’d think all those years of teaching clients on-camera presence that I would have taken my own advice about not looking constipated. I’m totally going to work on that though… Hollywood here I come!

  4. I can assure all that LB was in no way constipated on this trip… ate alot of fiber!

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