In the Moment

In the Moment, originally uploaded by GregDawson.

Editor’s Note: I found this poem the other day and when I saw this picture I took of my little nephew and sister… I knew they were meant to be together! Congrats Lil J and Sis!

“Living In The Moment”

by Amber “V” Moonstone 8/31/08

Have you ever just let life move through you?
Just relishing in the moments of your life,
Letting go of control and abandon rigidness.

Have no expectations,
enjoy each moment for what it is,
surrender to feeling in the moment.

The first thing you need to do is,
to give yourself permission to let go.
Once you do this, all possibilites open up.

When letting go of our hold on ourselves,
it gives us the freedom and energy
to embrace all that is new and meaningful.

When you take a walk next time,
consciously feel each step on the ground,
smell the air, feel the wind and savor the moment.

Look at a tree and it’s amazing power
will fill you with energy to sustain your day,
filling you with strength and vision.

When you smell a flower,
really take in it’s scent,
realize just how simple and complex it is.

Walk along the shoreline,
just far enough away, so that the waves
can kiss your feet with healing magic.

Tenderly touch a pet,
feel their response,
know that you can give love.

Kiss your child,
and realize just what a miracle
they really are to you.

Look at your aging parents,
find time to be with them,
knowing that you may not have much time left.

Fill your world with positive thoughts,
Stand proud to be YOU,
and always remember to live in the moment.


6 responses to “In the Moment

  1. OMG.. that was good! It really mirrors what I try to do in my life! thank u so much for that LB. Nice Nice Nice!

  2. wow all i got to say is “WOW” ………………..

  3. Thank you, couldn’t be a more perfect time to receive this picture and these words……thank you! I love u.

  4. I don’t get too emotional about many poems, but this one really hit home. Love you all!

  5. I am very pleased to see that you and your friends liked my poem. Please, next time, email me to ask permission to use my poetry. I am granting you permission via this comment. I urge anyone reading to visit my website for more healing energy and enlightenment.

    Peace, love, and light,
    Amber “V” Moonstone

  6. Hi Amber – Thank you for your permission and my apologies for not asking in the first place.

    I also put a hotlink to your site within the poem.

    Thanks again and very beautifully worded poem!

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