dude iPhone app

I’m helping launch the new dude app for the iPhone… basically, stick figures act out different “dudisms” i.e. when you find cash and say in a higher-toned voice “oh right on dude!”FoundCash

Check out the site here.

There’s a contest to giveaway a MacBook:

To help spread the word, we’ve setup a contest to giveaway a MacBook to help promote the new app. There are a two ways to win:

1. Via Twitter: Follow @AZOMOB and tweet –> “#winDudeMB @AZOMOB is giving away a $999 MacBook to celebrate launching the iPhone app “dude” www.tiny.cc/dudeappstore

2. Via YouTube: Post your own “dudism”to http://tiny.cc/dude_youtube …meaning act out a scene that requires you to say “dude” such as “Dude, what’s that smell…” (hand to nose, eyes squinted and watery because the smell is so fowl.”


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