New Goal – Run a sub 4 hr marathon

It’s 10:26 p.m. on Saturday night. Usually, I’m out with my future wife and our daughter at Applebees (yes… the bee… nothing fancy, just good food and beers). Ok, we’ll maybe we’re not out that late with our daughter… she’s eight months old. C’mon.

Image by esbjorn2 on Flickr.

Back to my point. My sub 4 hr marathon. Yes, here I am. Turning 31 this week and am in the prime of my life. Have a beautiful family, fantastic career and well… life is just good.

But, as my sis Terri would say, I’m not a person who likes to just stay still in the same pond. I like to mix it up. I’m a fish so naturally, after a while of swimming in the same area, I like to start exploring other areas. My point? It’s time to start running again.

For someone who never enjoyed running until he was 27 and even so only ran for a few years, it seems odd to say “I’m going back to running.” It seems odd, that for something that completely took over my mornings, afternoons and half of my Saturday for long runs for two years… that, except for a impromptu half marathon in Seattle last year is the only running I’ve done since completing my second marathon with my brother in Phoenix in 2009.

Well, that’s it. No sad stories, no motivational speeches, just me, a goal and a receipt for a fast pair of shoes that cost $89.

Ok… and one quote from a movie I just watched… well, it’s the tagline, not a quote:

“Feel the Pain. Live the Dream. Share the Glory.” Check out the movie “On the Edge” at the below link. It’s worth it.

On the Edge


2 responses to “New Goal – Run a sub 4 hr marathon

  1. Well, i wouldn’t say i love running……or now swimming or biking, but i love the challenge it presents. To me it is much more of a mental challenge than physical, and gives me time during training to reflect on life. Can’t thank you enough for the past few years, it’s been a blast. Glad to see you getn back at it LB! 😉

  2. For sure man. What training schedule are you following?

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