Experience Experiment 201

A Life\'s Experience**Update as of 2/19/11**

It’s been a year since I last posted on here. Welp, tomorrow marks my entry back into running again. Ordered a new pair or fast shoes too. As you can see below (if you make it past this paragraph), I had some issues with the corporate life.

I think most of those issues were born out of misunderstanding my true self, my true spirit, my true wants and needs out of life. Since leaving my desk job a few years back, I’ve had a chance to travel, write and photograph all while consulting within the corporate world. I’ve found that being my own boss was a really great way for me to figure out what was important to me.

Funny thing about consulting… if you’re good at what you do, you’ll find yourself being offered more and more work. Well, all of that work has let to another corporate position. I never thought I’d go back. But then, I never knew how much I could grow as a person in just a few short years. So, with going back into the c-world, I’ve decided to take up running again to ensure my sanity. I don’t want to drive my family nuts so I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

Experience Experiment 101 (I wrote the below info early 2008 I believe.)

My name is Greg Dawson, I recently quit my corporate day job to follow my dreams of traveling and trying new things. I love to write about these little adventures on Experience Experiment.

Experience Experiment covers: travel, facial hair, marathons, running, road trips and anything else that contributes to my happiness.

Should you quit your job and travel the world? Only if you want to. I encourage everyone to reevaluate where they are and how they can make life better. Even if it’s starting with something small … like chocolate pancakes for lunch!

How can you help?
If you have an experience you’ve always wanted to do, but just never did it… let me know about it and I’ll put it on my list of “suggested experiences” and will do it for you. I’ll even write about it on this blog so you can see if it’s worth it or not. Whether it’s skydiving or eating a Habanero… I’m open to anything. Bring it on!

Contact Info
Here are a few guidelines for contacting me:

1. Thank yous and feedback. If you’d just like to say thank you or give me some feedback about this site (positive or negative), please don’t email me … leave a comment on this page.

2. Guest posts. Feel free to e-mail me with your suggested guest posts.

3. Questions and post topic suggestions. If you have a question or would like to suggest a topic, feel free to e-mail me.

4. Your blog posts. If you have a blog post you think is really great and you’d like to share it with Experience Experiment readers … leave a comment on this page.

5. Promoting your product/service/site. I get a lot of email like this. Please don’t send me anything like this. I do not promote products, services, or websites. If you send me an email like this, it will be marked “spam”. Instead, consider advertising on Experience Experiment. E-mail me.

If you would like to contact me about something other than one of the five items above … you can email me at gldawson at the gmail.

Remember, if you send me an email for any of the five things above, I will send you a link to this page. Thanks for your understanding!


5 responses to “Experience Experiment 201

  1. Dear Greg,

    I stumbled upon your website and thought I would check it out. It seems like you are having some trying times and are struggling to find meaning in your life. I also have had trouble find meaning behind many things in today’s world. I hope that you fix the lie you are living in and somehow find the truth. The truth is out there, p.s love the beard

  2. Whoa there Nellie! Deep message from Duck Diesel…

  3. You have the start of a book here. I’m dead serious! Here’s a momism for you, “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.”
    I’d buy your book, so I’m sure at least ten others would too. I had no idea you were a little “lost” G., I hope this journey leads you to your family again. The people who care deeply for you. I can’t help but want to do another “SIBLING trip” so that this time we will have you to narrate it to the rest of the world… People would pay good $ to hear that funny story. love you.

  4. Hey dude,
    After quitting my “real job” a year ago to travel, I have a couple things that I would recommend for you to put on your list: 1. Drive to Alaska and spend a few days in Seward – especially in the middle of the summer. The mountains, sunsets, and endless days are indescribable. Not to mention those famous Northern Lights. 2. Drive from Wellington, New Zealand to Milford Sound. Unbelievable.

    And, if life allows you, I would most definitely recommend working a seasonal job for a summer or a winter – the people who do this kind of work look at life in a whole different perspective – but beware – its contagious. 🙂 Love ya buddy – hope you are having a blast.


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