Experience Status

So my goal for 2011 (I’m writing this entry on 2/19/11) is to break 4 hrs in a marathon. I’ve now completed two marathons (Chicago & Phoenix) and have yet to break 4 hrs. I have a list of excuses of why I didn’t, but I’ll save the sad story for another time.

Except for a half marathon in Seattle last year… I’ve been out of running since Phoenix in early 2009.

So here it goes….

GOAL: To run a sub 4 hr marathon.


1. Learn how to ride a motorcycle – April 2008

2. Go on a really long motorcycle road trip – May 2008 Read

3. Live in Argentina for a month – June 2008 Read

4. Run a marathon – October 2007 Read

5. Rebuild a hotrod – In progress (1930 Model A Ford Tudor)

6. Hike the Arches, Zion, Escalante and Bryce National Parks

7. Buy a ridiculously expensive camera and learn how to use it

8. Make a child laugh – A laugh that comes from the tips of her toes; a laugh so sincere it can’t help but make your day and force you to laugh along. (Thanks Roach!) **Update – I have a beautiful little daughter and make her laugh every single day by dancing, squealing funny noises and tickling her. I can honestly say that I’ve made her toes laugh. 🙂

9. Learn to play the harmonica

10. Write a book (Thanks everyone!)

11. Drive to Alaska (Thanks Lindsay!)

12. Learn to play a Jack Johnson song on the guitar… learned a Mishka song instead

13. Stand in two continents at the same time (Thanks Sydney!)

14. Go skydiving – Fall 2004


Have a suggestion? Write it in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list!


13 responses to “Experience Status

  1. You need to hike the Narrows in Zion, Utah.

  2. A Life moment suggestion:

    Make a child laugh – not some Bullshit chuckle or forced knee-slapper.

    No … a genuine laugh. A laugh that comes from the tips of her toes; a laugh so sincere it can’t help but make your day and force you to laugh along.

    Travel well, my friend and live large. You inspire me.

  3. Rebuild a house is good.. I know first hand about “remodeling.” Rewarding!

  4. Here’s another: Dance in the rain! Not a drizzle… A DOWN POUR!!!

  5. Be a mentor in a program like BIG BROTHER, I think you can find out about it at the YMCA. You’d be good at that, you have a way with kids.

  6. stilllifeinbuenosaires

    Perhaps two for *some point* in your life, wherever your travels take you:

    –Swim with humpback whales in Tonga (July).

    –Swim with whale sharks in Western Australia.

  7. Looks and sounds like your having a good time. I wanted to help your experience so I bought you dinner through you contribution portal, enjoy and be careful around those women you might need the jaws of life to extract yourself. Have fun and come back to us when your done.


    [Wes – You absolutely rock! It will buy me a few dinners as prices here are very reasonable! – Thanks, Greg]

  8. Here’s one that is a must for your list: Write a book. Of course the rest of us see this talent in your quite clearly… you may not have the desire. But you would definitely be giving a gift to others by doing so, you’re very gifted with your writing – you have us all captivated! I’ve heard it said many times in others’ responses: I feel like I’m there with you. Love you ‘lil bro. Big Sis T.

  9. hey uncle when your ready to rebuild that hotrod id like to help.

  10. Stand in 2 continents at the same time.

  11. @Sydney – That is awesome!!!! I now have to research…

  12. Okay we didn’t get to do the Narrows THIS time, but leave it on your list… we will do it someday!

  13. I live on Kauai, the Garden Island. Many come here because they knew it was time to change their life. Our world is a mess, much due to our relation to money and loss of spirituality and connection to our life’s purpose. I enjoy reading your list especially when it includes children laughing…now that is empowering. I value that more than any kind of prestige in our culture.

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